Goa Chillout Zone

Price: Rs. 399.00

CD One:
1.Rising Sun-Luna Blanca
3.Just think of good things-Alison Woods

4.Avalon-Cuca Moreno
5.Fin De Septembere-Aimee Ailen
6.Brotherhood of Man-Charlie Scott
7.I Like It-Oliver Sean
8.What’s your scene-Sameera
9.Out of the woodwork-Lawrence Blatt
10.Never Change-The Green
11.In the midnight hour-Leo Frappier Band
12.Wirrok-Dirty Elegance
13.Slider-Damien Simon
CD Two:
1.Clouds-Amy Duncan
3.Earth is silence-Emma Ninel
4.Love song without words-Blue Jar
5.Time to go-Janet Bates
6.Sur Chacun du Frapeze-Louphi
7.Architect of dreams-Laurie Larson
8.Living room-Michael Araneo
9.Wonderland-Ken McAnlis
10.Across the blue-Tiger Tiger
11.Dance between the raindrops-Juliet Anerina
12.Music move me-Stefani Scovolo
13.Moonlit Garden-Duo En
Bonus track: Video of Alison Woods-Just think about the good things

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