Goa Chillout Zone-Volume 2

Price: Rs. 399.00

CD One:
1.From a distant shore-Peter Miller
2.Dance of Light-Pietr
3.Don’t Panic-Cajita

4.Threaten Avenue-SynchDub
5.El Pais de las manzanas-Duo Chehebar Navarro
6.Next-Neil C. Young
7.Live Now (Chillout Mix)-Visco
8.Forty Two-Sonic Adventure Project
9.Dancing Spirits-Chris Magennis
10.Inspiration-Adam Page
11.Himalaya Club-DjayPee
12.India-The Atmospheres
13.Wave Soaring-Lawrence Cresswell
CD Two:
1.Hard to let go-Jamie Holden
2.Wilderness-Gavin Atkins
3.The Dawn-James Keen
4.Planet Blue-Anne Ridgway
5.A fool for you-Mark Hvilsted
6.The fisherman’s secret-Vincent’s Chair Trio
7.One of these days-Martin Williams
8.Love is gone-The Wilkins
9.Picnic in the cemetery-Angie Cantini
10.Prairie Soul-Collen Taylor
11.Tranquility-Tiller’s Folly
12.To be with you-Callum Hendry
13.Stock to Satan-Richards and Fitch

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