Jim Reeves- Am I losing you

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A collector's compilation...

1.Yonder comes a sucker
2.I’m hurtin’ inside
3.That’s a sad affair
4.If you were mine
5.Jimbo Jenkins
6.I’ve lived a lot in my time
7.Roly Poly
8.Have I told you lately that I love you
9.Breeze (blow my baby back to me)
10.Waltzing on top of the world
11.Oklahoma hills
12.Love me a little bit more
13.Tweedle o will
14.Each time you leave
15.Ichabod crane
16.Your old love letters
17.Beyond the shadow of a doubt
18.Highway to nowhere
19.My lips are sealed
20.Pickin a chicken
21.According to my heart
22.(I’m) the mother of a honky tonky girl
23. Am I losing you
24.Waiting for a train

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